» Liquid fuel and gas

Trans Polonia Group performs transportation of liquid fuels and gas (LPG) through its subsidiary - OTP SA (formerly ORLEN Transport SA), based in Plock, which is the market leader in the transport of liquid fuels in Central Europe. OTP provides fuel and gas to over 2,100 petrol stations of the PKN Orlen SA and other petrochemical corporations.

The large scale activities in the area of ​​transport of fuels brings tangible benefits to our customers. We provide stable cooperation, cost-effectiveness as well as high standard of services to both large fuel corporations and small operators. Each client is treated individually, taking into account its needs and specifics of operations.

We build our potential mainly through continuous modernization of the transport fleet. We are aware that investments in modern units affect not only the safety during loading, reloading and unloading of fuel, but also the transport costs. That's why we use only modern, lightweight tanks, the operation of which reduces transport costs. While choosing new fleet we also take into account the state of Polish roads and for the transport we use vehicles that have additional reinforcement, securing both the tank and load-bearing elements of the tank.

Every day we deliver fuel to thousands of petrol stations owned by both large petroleum corporations, smaller networks and private stations. Optimal location of the Transport Office and constantly modernized fleet guarantee fast and safe deliveries. Implementation of new logistics solutions allow for timely and round-the-clock service.

We manage the largest Polish transport fleet, which is serviced by its own technical support. We give our customers the confidence that they receive services at the highest level.

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