Trans Polonia Group provides services in domestic and international transport of liquid chemicals, leading the operational management from the Polish offices in Tczew. We also run sales representative offices in Benelux, France, Germany and Spain.

In order to carry out the services we use road tanker sets with a capacity of  30.000 up to 37.500 liters for the transport of chemical products, including neutral and ADR. Tankers have from one to three chambers and are able to transport the products at high temperatures. They are equipped with air pressure unloading and heating systems. We use modern tracks from Volvo and Renault.

J. Deckers & Zn NV, a transport company based in Brecht, Belgium, joined the Trans Polonia Capital Group. The agreement for the acquisition of 100% of shares in the company was finalized on 30 October 2021.

J. Deckers & Zn NV is a transport company founded in 1964 active in international road transport for over 5 decades. Since 1989 it specializes in liquid chemical bulk transport with 30 trucks tanks for various types of (dangerous) liquid chemicals to serve international customers within Europe.

The company’s headquarter is in Brecht, within a short distance radius of three key chemical industrial zones Port of Antwerp, Port of Rotterdam and the Ruhr area (ARA). 

One of the constant elements of Trans Polonia Group development strategy ids the analysis of the market for interesting acquisition targets, which on one hand will increase the value of the Group for its Shareholders, and on the other hand will enrich the Group from the operational point of view. “The area of liquid chemical cargo logistics in Western Europe has been of particular interest to TPG for a long time and thanks to this transaction we will be even closer to our key customers in the ARA region," comments Dariusz Cegielski, the Chairman of the Board of Trans Polonia S. A.

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